Dust And Bird Mite Control In Mumbai

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Dust Mites cause several forms of allergic diseases, including hay fever, asthma and eczema and are known to aggravate atopic dermatitis. Mites are usually found in warm and humid locations, including beds. It is thought that inhalation of mites during sleep exposes the human body to some antigens that induce hypersensitivity reaction. Dust mite allergens are thought to be among the heaviest dust allergens. Treatment of mite allergy starts with avoidance. Regular steam sanitizing of mattresses and blankets can help in this regard. Dust Mite Control Services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan.


  1. 0.6 – 0.7mm long.
  2. Soft yellow/green body and eight legs.
  3. When fully fed the body appears bright red.


  • Egg to adult in 7 days (under favourable conditions).
  • Adult lives approximately 90 days.


  • Feed on birds blood.
  • Favours warm, moist conditions.
  • Common in birds nests and poultry houses.
  • Capable of reducing bird egg–laying efficiency. In severe cases it may kill young, sick or old birds.
  • In homes, bird mites may bite people in search of food.
  • 2–3mm long wingless ticks.
  • Flattened from side to side.
  • Have long legs enabling them to jump.
  • They have both genal and pronotal combs (ctenidia), differentiating them from most other fleas of domestic animals.
  1. Life Cycle
  • Fleas pass through four stages: eggs, larva, pupa, adult. The eggs are small and white.
  • These stages combined vary from two weeks to eight months.
  • The adult flea is awakened by the detection of vibration of pet or human movement, pressure, heat, noise, or carbon dioxide for potential blood meals.
  • A cat flea cannot complete is life–cycle feeding only on human blood.


Dust And Bird Mite Control In Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vashi & Kalyan.


Dust Mite Control In Mumbai

The environment should be treated with a spray insecticide. Frequent vacuuming is very helpful, but the vacuum bag must be disposed of immediately afterwards. The combination of dry steam and vacuuming should eliminate fleas definitely from the environment.